Update #19

First script for FS19!

Click Me - Add Specialization v3.0 have been updated for FS19, it holds what you could need but beware that the included specialization still is trial and error but at least its an start for many.

Update #18


Replace Vehicle Types - Added
Configuration addons - Added

Update #16

New game and new year closing in!

So with that said lets get to business!
DynamicHose script will/should be released before end of this year, that is the goal anyway if it will be depends on a few factors but is not impossible.

Also got an new mod in the work, some of you might have seen it already and some haven't but its something else which I wont describe into detail here but do look on this page
Click Me - GameExtension

Other then this I also got another small news which will popup in due time :).

Update #15

All projects for farming simulator 15 have been updated and some new have been added.
Same goes with the script page some updated and some are new.

PS: Some of the mods on the project page are still exclusive to this site!

Update #14

Its been a while since my last update but here it is!
As some of you have notice I have left Vertex Dezign but fear not I will keep on modding as before.

Some scripts have been updated and new section for HardPoint scripts have been added.

I want to take this moment also to tell you that if your using the script HP_Wheel then I recommend you to change that script to CustomTrackSystem instead as HP_Wheel got an big MP issue.