Update #14

Its been a while since my last update but here it is!
As some of you have notice I have left Vertex Dezign but fear not I will keep on modding as before.

Some scripts have been updated and new section for HardPoint scripts have been added.

I want to take this moment also to tell you that if your using the script HP_Wheel then I recommend you to change that script to CustomTrackSystem instead as HP_Wheel got an big MP issue.

Update #10

Finally gotten around to fix links and update the content of the site, look around and see if you find anything you like. The Manual Ignition mod for Farming Simulator 15 is released btw, grab your copy if you havent already.

Conveyor & Feller Buncher head

I got some tempting help request's..

Bacto 2085
This will most likely be the last I do for fs13 and should be available soon.

Feller head

Update #7

New layout!
As you can see the page have had an redesign with all that comes with that.

As many other modders out there I will stop modding for Farming Simulator 2013 and focus on Farming Simulator 15.
This don't mean I'm going to stop modding until Farming Simulator 15 is released, its the opposite! I will focus more on preparing new stuff and hopefully get an head start of what to come.